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Cabinmade Artworks
Cabinmade Artworks
Welcome to my website, Cabinmade Artworks. My name is Bonnie Adams and I've been an artist back as far as my earliest memories. I have used a lot of mediums in my work but my very favorites are natural materials: wood, bark, fiber, stones, gourds and other plant materials, shed animal materials and an occasional skin. Soon I will be working on a project for family members that includes the use of family members ashes. I haven't quite worked up the nerve for that project yet. Some of my past projects have been sign painting, pen and ink drawings, portrait characicatures, cartooning, sculpture (clay, plaster, etc.), wood carving, stained glass, stained glass mosaics, log furniture making, mural painting, mosaics from tile or stone, pond design, landscaping design, building (recently a small log cabin on a trailer), designing and building (with my husband) our own 3000 sq. ft. log house in the country, hence Cabinmade Artworks,... and most recently my passion has been gourd art. Please browse my photo album and see examples of some recent work I've done. I'll try to add some of my vintage work as I go along. Relax! Enjoy!
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The Cabin
The Cabin 

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Love your new site. The cabin looks really inviting. I envy you.well except late November through May! It will be a great place for teh reunion, not what I had pictured....better!
Love your cat gourd.....that is some tail..........looked like a natural choice.
I gave up my drafting table like that when we moved, along with such a big space I had, but most of any works I ever did were on the kitchen floor.....right in the middle of everything going on.
looking forward to more on your site.
Wish we could have a "paint out" at your place with some of the old...(OLD) art student classmates!
as always...Dee
Dee | | May 06, 2009

Wow! What a setting to do creative work. It is beautiful. I love your site. Very nice and great work. Your studio is so neat. I always seem to be sitting on a heap of things to do. I wouldn't know what to do if I were as neat as you, but I certainly would love to try.

Keep up the great work.
Morningstar | | October 12, 2009

Love, love love your site! Just finished roaming thru all the photos and am amazed at all the different things you do with gourds! I think my favorites are the penguin colony ... just soooo adorable! Your tambourines are beautiful and so unique - and I love the celtic pyrography you have done on them - really nice! Your studio is magnificent - envy attack here on the big table! By the way congratulations to you and your husband on your new home - it is just perfect for that tranquil setting - a lot of hard work and love went into building it I am sure. Best wishes for many peace filled years there. ~: Rita :~
Rita | | October 24, 2009

Bonnie, I just love your site and especially the cabin. I'm sooo jealous except for the part about cold and winter. You are definately multi-talented.

Love those gourds too!

Nedra Denison | | November 04, 2009

Love your cabin AND your art - you are a genuinely talented artist - Carolyn
Carolyn Fisk | | January 12, 2010

Love your website Bonnie and your house is my dream home :-) Your tambourine gourds are just outstanding (as is your cat gourd):-) So glad you are joining us at our WSGS festival to teach a class in making tambourines! YEA!!!
Dynva Todd | | January 13, 2010

What a wonderful environment to create are so lucky! Your site is fantastic!
Carrie Cervantes
Fellow gourder
Carrie Cervantes | | May 04, 2010

Bonnie - I went to the Gourd Festival at Roxie & Dallas's last year and was admiring some fantastic gourds when Roxie said they were done by you!!! What a talent you have!! I was very impressed. The fishing trip will be sometime in September. Good to hear from you. Enjoy your craft!
Diana Soots | | November 24, 2010

I was at Galena last Sat. I ask you about your mini dremel. I want to order one. Can you email me the exact size and type and what web site you got it from. Sure would appreciate it.
Pat | | April 22, 2013